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What is the difference between Canvas Page Builder and pootle page builder?

The overall approach to adding rows and columns etc is the same in pootle page builder as it is in Canvas Page Builder. So they will feel similar to use. 

However there has been a lot of work put into pootle page builder that makes it a very different product. 

Here are some the differences:

1. pootle page builder works on all themes. So you can use it for Canvas, Storefront, Genesis. Whatever theme you want.

2. No more widgets. This means the editor we use is not a widget but a hook directly into the WordPress editor. This makes it more stable. Canvas Page Builder is based on widgets. This allows us to add the exact functionality we want to have for users and not worry about all the different widgets that can be used.

3. pootle page builder has a new UI that is MUCH easier to use. More intuitive and reduces the ability for users to make errors and have conflicts. This means it's much easier for site owners to add to their sites over time (e.g. if an agency builds a site for them to start with). 

4. pootle page builder is free for the core version, and the core version has amazing features. It's not a 'lite' version. Because core is free (and hosted on and github) and is for all themes, it means we are hoping to build a much larger community around the product. Canvas Page Builder costs from $49 to $99 depending on the licence.

5. we will be developing lots of add-ons (some free, some paid) that will expand what page builder can do. For example, we are working on a portfolio add-on that gives amazing features for creating stunning portfolios (backgrounds, hover animations etc). Another example is a WooCommerce add-ons. 

6. The code base has also been completely re-written for pootle page builder to increase performance and stability.

7. Part of this is we have removed a lot of options from pootle page builder that Canvas Page Builder had and made the decisions for users instead. Removing a lot of the need for understand complexity. At the same time we have added some options that make page builder more powerful (for example full width rows per row). There are a lot of these, too many to list in this article.

I hope this helps explain some of the differences between these two plugins!