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Using Post Loop with Individual Categories

It's often useful to be able to show posts from a particular category on another page. Magazine style websites are very popular and a great way to layout content that is regularly updating. 

Using Canvas Page Builder this is super simple. Follow the steps below to create your Magazine style page: 

Step 1: 

Note down the category IDs you wish to display. To find these you'll need to navigate to Wordpress Admin > Posts > Categories

 Hover your cursor over the category you wish to use and take a note of the Category ID that will appear in the URL at the bottom of your browser. 

Step 2: 

Add the post loop widget to your canvas page builder page.

To specify the category you wish the post loop widget to display, enter cat="x" where 'x' equals the category ID. 

Step 3: 

Click 'View Page' and you should now see the posts from your chosen category.