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White Screen of Death after plugin install or update

Although the White Screen of Death is extremely rare with PootlePress Wordpress Plugins - it can happen. If you’re staring at a white screen wondering where your WordPress website went, you’re not the first! Although it looks and sounds rather intimidating - there is a super simple solution to the problem.

To clarify what 'the white screen of death’ actually is; it's when WordPress isn’t working properly, it sometimes displays a blank screen instead of your content. This can sometimes just be the front end, but on some occasions its the back end as well.

To reassure you, the good thing about the white screen of death, it’s that the “death” part is only hyperbole. Nobody actually dies because of the white screen of death; however, you may have to deactivate a plugin or two!

The first thing to concider is what was the last thing you did before the white screen appeared? Did you update a plugin? Install a new plugin? Did you change a settings for a plugin?

You will have to use an FTP (file transfer protocol) client to access your WordPress files and delete or deactivate the plugin you were modifying. If you’ve never used an FTP client to make changes to your WordPress installation, don’t worry! It’s easy to do, and several FTP clients are free. If you don't know your FTP access details, you'll need to contact your hosting provider.

Log into your FTP directory and navigate to wp-content > Plugins and then delete or rename the troublesome plugin. This will remove the white screen and allow you back into your website. 

You'll then need to work out what caused the problem - its possibly a corrupt file, so try downloading the plugin again alternatively it could be a plugin conflict. Check this article for more information on this: